I wasn’t joking when I said Taylor’s gift set me down a path. This little gnomish mountaineer got me pushing into the realms of Relicblade. The simple system, low minis count (4-8 minis per side), and game background got me interested in more of the game. But first, time to paint up this little guy and see him in all his glory.

First thing I wanted to do is figure out how this rider was actually going to ride that Ibex of his. The gnome model has a sculpted saddle but just sits on the back of the Ibex. I’ll pin him on there to make him stay but it didn’t seem very realistic to me. Enter the green stuff!

I sculpted a quick saddle belt to give some illusion that the saddle was actually secure on the animal. I later ran some thin green stuff ropes from the Ibex mouth to the gnome gauntlet to give a bit and bridle as well.

After that, I made a base with some cork, primed him up and did a quick paint scheme. I tried to stick mainly to the card art and I’m pleased with how this guy turned out.