After my brutal defeat from the Dark Seas campaign, session 1, the Gnomes of Greyrock are back. Wounds have been properly licked and the meager influence D’Chro was able to wield was banked for future use. Teklin actually went down last session and broke his Quicksilver Bangle so I picked up another one for him. Keltin picked up the trait Decisive Attack and Grenben picked up the trait Forceful Blow. We were ready to begin.

cylcopean ruins, art by Sean Sutter
art by Sean Sutter

Moving forward, we chose the Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials scenario. In it, there are five chests on the map, three filled with treasure and two filled with unstable materials that could hurt or kill the unwary adventurer.

This time, I set up a large interior map with deep caverns surrounding narrow catacomb ledges. The black space of the mat represents a deep pit and any character that falls or is knocked into it will be out of the match. A 50/50 roll will determine if they were destroyed by the fall or not.

This terrain is using the ugly side of the Tenfold dungeon terrain. I got this kickstarter a few months back after a disastrous campaign. It looks good and I like the utility of flipping it over for vertical terrain or using the interior boxes for the intended classic dungeon map look.

To make things more interesting, we decided to use the environmental rules and chose the frigid Cyclopean Ruins. The environmental rules are fun as they add another random aspect to the setup. In our case, we added a Ruins Treasure and stumbled upon a Banshee’s Curse. The Ruins Treasure put another treasure option on the board (one that didn’t have a chance at blowing up in our face) and the curse added a Banshee monster to the board. This monster would randomly spawn to one of the treasures on the map and attack the nearest creature.

The gnomes started off running straight out to the objectives this time, not waiting cautiously for the Deep to set up defenses. I was going to go full out and snag treasures and get back home.

The Deep used more movement shenanigans to get their team out of the deployment zone and into the catacombs. The hookers decided to brave the gap and jump across the unknown to get access to the treasures even faster. Focusing on their jump, the made it with ease.

Pooners reached the top of the catacomb crossing so I had Nok charge the team while Keltin delivered a telling blow. One Pooner fell down and Nok set to dodge for an future incoming attack. I always think I’m going to go for the objectives and “play the mission,” but when it comes down to it, I can’t resist wading into foolish combat.

The Shark Warrior and Eel Sorcerer waded deeper into the catacombs but then the Banshee’s wail could be heard. She appeared right by the hapless Hookers. Luckily, the Hookers were more curious than scared and the wail didn’t seem to affect them.

Keltin continued his war on the Pooners, knocking another to the ground. Shark Warrior picked up a chest and found it to be laden with precious goods. Grenben snagged the ruins treasure unopposed and was already headed back while Teklin shot at Shark Warrior, wounding him. When the Banshee’s wail came out again, we found her wanting the treasure Shark Warrior was carrying. Being so close, Shark Warrior couldn’t shake the frightful howl and took another wound while also freezing in fear.

The Eel Sorcerer, seeing Shark Warrior in trouble blasted at the Banshee. The Eel Sorcerer is the only character on the map with any magical attack that could hurt the monster. Such was his power that he destroyed the Banshee in one strike and took with him her treasured gift. Teklin grabbed his treasure (luckily was full of nice goodies) and started running back home while Grenben made it off the map and back to safety.

Shark Warrior broke free of his shackles and ascended the highest perch, grabbing the treasure with force. Unfortunately, it was an unstable collection of alchemical goods which promptly ruptured. The resulting chemical conflagration lit up the field in an eerie green glow. Miraculously, the Shark Warrior still remained standing, albeit close to death. The Hookers grabbed their treasure (safely), and started looking for an exit.

Keltin and Nok’s bloodlust was not sated and he charges the Eel Sorcerer. With a headbutt from his powerful form, he sends the Eel flying off the ledge, falling into uncertain fate.

Teklin eventually snipes a Hooker before leaving and Shark Warrior hands off his treasure to the remaining Hooker. Unfortunately, Ketlin and Nok would not be robbed of their vengeance. They charge the Hooker and lay him low, taking his sweet loot. The Shark Warrior succumbs to his wounds and no Deep are alive on the field.

Greyrock Wins!

Greyrock comes home laden with treasure and great tales of valor and adventure. D’Chro sees 25 influence and the treasures hold 6 gold and an Extra Health Potion. This will be put to good use as the battle with the Deep ravages onward.