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Photo Friday: Throne Room

With all the Game of Thrones fever going on, I decided to paint up my Song of Ice and Fire Iron Throne. This set piece from the Miniature game’s kickstarter is pretty much the ultimate in useless eye candy but I couldn’t help but pick up some more useless accessories and create a fun scene.

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Photo Friday: So Much For The Glory Of Rome

We got in a game of Fire & Axe the other night and every time I play it, I just want to dive right back in. There is something about the theme (which I’ve been on a viking kick for some time now) and the slight abstract gameplay that just calls to me. I’ve resolved to pimp the game out as I enjoy it too much to sit there plain in its vanilla, factory-freshness. I need to put my mark on it so time to start brainstorming. For now I’ll just have to be content to capture it in light and shadow.

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Photo Session: Race Day

Pulling out some games from the dusty shelf, I decided if they aren’t getting played, they at least can be photographed.  Up first is the 1967 3M game, Regatta.

And then the newer Chariot Race from Eagle-Gryphon Games.

Terrain Without Color

This week I worked a bit more on my Walking Dead terrain, specifically the game board.  As I discussed in my paper terrain post, I prefer terrain that is quick, usable, and easily stored.  Taking my Walking Dead game into the monochromatic world of black and white (b/w) makes printable paper terrain even easier. Also, painting a full game board in b/w seems too tedious for me. It can be done to great effect, however. Just check out this thread on coolminiornot.com and or this one on lead-adventures.de.

from user vikotnik on lead-adventures.de

from user vikotnik on lead-adventures.de

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