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UCM On Parade

With the infantry for UCM figured out, I was able to wrap up the faction starter for my Dropzone Commander TTS. The infantry could have been rendered a little better but everything else came out really clean.

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Messing With Process

Things are chugging along as I get more material ready for Dropzone Commander in Tabletop Simulator. I’ve been working on a friend’s fantastic UCM models. The photogrammetry program, Zephyr, has this annoying habit of requiring updates regularly and they make me redo all my settings. I don’t know if it is the forced redo of the settings or the update or if his models are just that good but they are coming out so crisp.

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O Dropzone, Where Art Thou?

Once the belle of the ball among my gaming group, Dropzone Commander has fallen far from the graces of our table and it wasn’t even the mighty COVID, the Destroyer, that did it in.

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It’s In The Computer

After a third failed attempt at doing Infinity outside and the rising risk levels for COVID-19 again, I’ve resigned to go back to virtual/zoom gaming for the time being. Infinity is on Tabletop Simulator but that brought up a good question from my friends: will you still paint figures? I initially thought “yes, of course” and decided I wouldn’t play with virtual pawns unless I had that figure ready and painted up.

That may seem silly but then I stumbled on the work of Infinity youtuber VaulSC and Dice From Hell and found something amazing.

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