With the infantry for UCM figured out, I was able to wrap up the faction starter for my Dropzone Commander TTS. The infantry could have been rendered a little better but everything else came out really clean.

This group gets you the original Hawk Starter of 3 Condor dropships, 3 Rapier anti-air tanks, 3 Sabre anti-armor tanks, 2 Bear APCs, and 6 Legionnaire infantry. It is what Hawk used to start most players out at conventions when they ran a demo. Hell, it was what I demoed on back at Gen Con years ago.

Brian’s UCM paint scheme featured nice, clean lines with great accent decals to bring out the logos and individual serials of each unit. I only took one copy of each but his set in real life has individual numbers for each model.

To round out the starter set, I also uploaded his Commander model, the Kodiak. This doesn’t quite make the same as the new TTCombat starter set but can let you do something similar to get a more complete game going.

This will tie off UCM for now. I still need to get the PHR faction starter in there to have all the factions represented and then will work on fleshing out the rest of the model range. Until then, at least four of the five are now represented and that ain’t half bad.