It’s been a productive week for Dropzone Commander TTS as I was able to bring the Shaltari faction to the mod. These models are from Colton again and aside from an annoying difficult infantry stand, it came together pretty easily.

This allows Shaltari players to get in simple starter army games as well. These starters are based on the original Hawk starter sets but I did include a commander model to allow for some additional exploration of the rules.

With Shaltari getting a commander, I couldn’t leave the other factions out. I put in two Resistance commanders.

As well as two more Scourge commanders. The plan is to get the latest “small” commanders from TTCombat in as well but none of us have them ready yet so we’ll have to start with what we have already painted up.

The eventual goal will be to have the full TTCombat starter sets available for everyone and so those “small” commanders will be necessary but we’ll take things as they come for now.

Lastly, what is the point in having commanders if you can’t also enjoy the command cards. I have them loaded up as well now for each player.

Getting the 30 card deck into Tabletop Simulator is interesting. The assets bundle pretty easily with some existing tools but getting the card images together is painful.

My scanner was on the fritz so I rigged up this super cheap holder for my cellphone to try to take consistent photos. It worked ok but it still had some vignetting.

At the end of the day, it worked out okay but it still required a lot of post-processing after shooting the images. Color corrections, resizing, cropping, etc takes way too long for this process. Luckily there were only 30 cards to deal with. I can’t imagine what people are doing when forced to do some games with 500+ cards.

I did get the chance to place a game of Unmatched with the Vorpal Board system during Gen Con Online last year. The system sounded like you could quickly scan cards and other items and the system would recognize, crop, and size the asset appropriately.

It seems like it will only work for that system and within that system so it really doesn’t help when porting to something else (which makes sense). That Vorpal scan box was the inspiration for my pathetic foamcore contraption. Maybe I should look at doing up a generic version for more precision work in CAD. Maybe.