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DropZombie Commander

I always liked 10mm scale. The scale’s ability to render large armies on table at realistic proportions was what first drew me to Dropzone Commander. After playing a lot of games of Dropzone, I got a wild hair and thought, what if I could make a zombie apocalypse?

Friend Brian showed off his Dropzone board that was filled with casualties and I always was interested in doing the same. He used about 1000 z scale train minis that were pre-colored and bought in bulk cheaply from some Chinese manufacturer.

When I saw them, I immediately thought of making a zombie swarm that could be introduced to the game. I bought a bulk set of the z scale minis but grabbed the non-colored version to make them more zombie-like.

First I sorted them into their little bags so I could pull out the sitting figures. Sitters got no place in a shambling horde!

Because I’m a sucker for organizing, I pulled them out and counted the “spoil.” Turns out, it was a little over 11% waste so out of the 1000 or so minis, I had around 900 left. Time to get prepping.

I’m just prepping a sample size for testing/concept building and started estimating what I’d actually do. Some high-level conceptual design is that the larger bases would be replaced with smaller bases as they took damage. The only way to fully get rid of them would be to whittle them down to the smallest base and eliminate the small base. But they are a horde so smaller bases can combine to bigger bases and so on as they move and overlap. No actual rules yet but just concepts rolling around in my head.

Super-glued down and then primed grey. The bases are starting to take shape.

An oversprayed helping of Nuln Oil through my airbrush gave them some minor definition and darkened them down.

Then finally, I flicked various green Shade colors at them for effect. A stripe of black around the base then completed them.

Initial sample horde was ready.

Will Dropzone be?


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  1. TheKennanator

    Very nice concept.

  2. Russ Spears

    You know I love a good zombie battle. Nicely thought out so far & looking forward to the ensuing buffet.

    900 is still a bunch of zombies.

    Bonus points if you manage a z-scale Lucille to hide in there 🙂

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