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Digital Dropzone Activated

After concluding our test run and working on making everything all fancy, I have released my Dropzone Commander module on to Tabletop Simulator for open consumption.

I leaned heavily on some of my favorite modules, such as the Infinity, Core Space, and Dropfleet ports but likely did not equal them. There are scripting options there that are beyond my pay grade but hopefully the module is enough.

While it took a lot of time to get to this point, there is still a lot of work to do. I have only a handful of usable models in the workshop so I’m working on adding equal representation across the remaining factions. When that is finished and everyone has a bit to play with, I’ll add in the remaining units in my group’s collective collection.

Unfortunately, that will be the end of the main journey here as I will not be backfilling the gaps in our collection on my own. At that point, the community will need to step and add in to patch the holes in models or leave it as is. The main point of all this was purely selfish- I want to make sure I can play Dropzone during this social hiatus and any future such events.

Putting the collective set of my friend’s work into the mod means that we can continue playing as we like and that is the main driving force. I hope that others can enjoy it as well, regardless of the ruleset they use.


Digital Dropzone Testing


Dropzone Commander: Need For Speed


  1. Russ Spears

    Very cool thing to put out there Christian!

    I’ll not mention anything about a Loopin Chewie for TS…..

  2. Christian

    That was really mean. At first I was like, Loopin’ Chewie? Impossible. Straight up. But. huh. maybe possible? I mean, it is Unity with a physics base… This will only lead to ruin…

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