Back a little over six months ago, I was at Gen Con and demoed Warcry from Games Workshop. The game was what I was looking for when I tried out Kill Team. Where Kill Team as a 40k-lite or quick game failed, Warcry really delivered. It took awhile to get in but I finally jumped in and I’m starting to get things rolling.

Most every faction hinted at in the manual have made their appearance and GW expanded the line to include a lot of their standard Age of Sigmar armies as options in the setting as well. But for whatever reason, I still really liked the crazy flesh bonanza of the Untamed Beasts.

I picked up one of the double sets that is actually for Age of Sigmar and that allows me some flexibility in building a warband so I opted to put together a double death kitty (I definitely have a faction “type” apparently).

The kits came together nicely except for one model. I got everything primed up and washed so now all that will be left is the detail and the basing.

Though the faction is the “Untamed” Beasts, they do have this Beastspeaker model that basically tamed the kitty beasts. Apparently, the naming concept of these guys starts to fall apart if you look to much into it so we’ll move on.

This guy is the Mortal Kombat “Scorpion” equivalent and was the only model where things weren’t quite lined up. That extended arm really didn’t want to line up with the shoulder and created some nasty gaps. Being impatient, I left it in the hopes that it is hidden behind his fur cloak.

Lastly, I put together the leader and three goons. I’m not sure how these guys survive on the shattered ground of the Varanspire while running around barefoot but maybe they are just that badass. While the models for GW are always amazing in their dynamic poses, I do see a lot of challenges trying to paint in some of the hard-to-reach areas of the model.

I’ll post more as I develop and paint up the warband. For now I’ll just try to figure out what paint scheme I want to go with.