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Finishing The Job

I talked earlier of some new additions I’m making to my Frostgrave roster, namely some very un-soldiery soldiers. First up is an ode to a fallen friend, Mutt, the bear.

Mutt has definitely seen better days. Cut down in his prime, he’s back now and ready for action. Unfortunately, not all of him made the transition but I think enough to matter.

He’s not quite the bear he was but now that he is animated by fell sorcery, he can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’, as it were. I have to imagine this would be some scary stuff coming your way so I hope Mutt 2.0, Revenge of the Zombears, does some damage.

He’s coming for you, Wizard. And he’ll keep coming now no matter how many times you knock him down.

Rest assured, Mutt, Therelin has not forgotten you.

Therelin, my less-than-stable Wizard, has decided that the living can only bring you pain. She has looked into animated constructs from wood and stone to do some of her bidding.

She doesn’t want anything really resembling life so her experiments are a touch… unexpected. This model is from Privateer Press’ Hordes line, Circle of Orboros faction. It will make a great small construct to jump around and do Therelin’s bidding.

It also pairs with the Medium construct she has prepared. She’s not totally confident that this will work so she’s got just a small and medium prepared. She has a massive “large” construct as well but I don’t think she’s ready to attempt that level of animation.


Slowly But Surly


Seeing The Forest For The Trees


  1. Russ Spears

    I really love that 4th pic…

    Nice background on these pics, too. It’s those small details that you always do a good job with.

    • Christian

      Thanks! That took too long in Photoshop to figure out 😀 The background is actually wax paper taped up against a black box. It’s the shallow depth of field that makes it look better than it is… I’ll pick up a “real” background eventually but for now, it does well in a pinch.

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