Looking through my desk for errant items, I always open up one drawer in particular. It’s dumb because I know exactly what is in that drawer as it is the same thing that has been in there for year: my defunct Circle of Orboros army from back when I attempted to learn Hordes/Warmachine.

These guys have been in a perpetual state of “almost done” for probably 5+ years now and I spent quite a lot of time on them. The Megalith (big dude front and center) underwent a complete repose to bring his arms down and legs in motion. I added some cork bits to give him some steps to climb and broken him out of his “power dump” original pose.

After the repose, I mostly painted him and his stone buddies but never sealed the deal. He still needed a wash and his base finalized. Ultimately, I would open up that drawer, look at the failure that was never finishing those models, and close the drawer again to go look for whatever I misplaced.

I have no real reason to finish the models. I don’t play Hordes and I’m at least one edition behind, if not worse, and no one really plays the game in my circle. But I opened the drawer up this weekend purposely pulling out the models to see what shape they were in. It wasn’t pretty. Even in the drawer, dust had collected on them and some of the non-pinned appendages had come off.

I decided today they would not go back to the drawer and be forgotten. Today I would help bring them to life and finish them. I could say that I will use them in Frostgrave but I don’t really need to. Finishing them would be pretty easy given the work I’d already done so that would be its own reward.

So a quick wash then some drybrushing and Megalith, stone beast of Circle, was ready to stride again. Even though finishing him is a nice addition to my collection, he really should fit in Frostgrave so I finished out the base with some snow.

And there we have it. A model resigned to the dust drawer but now may see new light in Frostgrave. I have his buddies that need some help as well so I feel bad only giving Megalith all the love. I’ll work those guys up as well.

I’m sure most people have seen this but Adepticon brought a lot of fun news from the various games I follow but this teaser video from Games Workshop was pretty amazing and probably the best thing I heard of coming from the ‘Con.