As mentioned earlier this week, a few of us got together to continue on with some more Frostgrave. We had originally called this a winter campaign but the days of winter have long past so I’ll just keep it simply as our campaign.

We had three wizards in this session, Sean’s Enchanter, Colton’s Summoner, and my Witch. We were doing the Genie in the Bottle scenario with some added statues. The statues would each get a roll at the start of the monster phase to see if they would awaken individually (roll of 15+). Also at the start of round 6 we’d roll to see if we went to round 7 (roll of 10+) or made it the last round. I like this last rule as it insures the game doesn’t drag on.

We pulled out almost all of the terrain we’ve been preparing and set up our best field yet. We then set up the treasures and rolled off for placement, opting for corners and starting off the map (activating to move on to the board edges 12 inches from your corner).

Colton chose the upper left corner in the picture while Sean chose the lower left. I was last and chose the lower right. Even though I was last, I was happy as I placed one of the treasures in easy line of sight of that corner so I felt confident I would get at least one treasure this time around.

I was right and went in unopposed. My Wizard and apprentice tag-teamed Telekinesis spells to pull the treasure over to me. My warhounds took up defensive positions and my crossbowman (the last of the Osbert twins) took up a sniper position in the ruined top floor of a small keep.

I had my main treasure hunter Gil (the only magic weapon wielder of my warband) come on to the map and take the treasure.

I was lucky to do so because I was the first to possess a treasure and I got the one with the Genie. This isn’t one of those tales of old where the Genie is all nice and thankful. Nope. This one wanted blood. Luckily, I planned for it just in case.

I sent my bear, Mutt, in next to help the Treasure Hunter out in the upcoming battle.

While I was pre-occupied for the foreseeable future, Colton tried to summon some demons but only got a measly imp for his troubles.

Afterwards, Colton brought the rest of his forces into play. Sean did the same and set up runners for some of the treasures that were in the higher reaches of the board.

Sean’s Construct woke up a less-than-thrilled soulmate and they went toe-to-toe in an epic battle of who could hit the weakest.

The Genie battle found the demon not fully awake to handle the tag team efforts of Mutt and Gil. Gil landed a severe 7 damage on the Genie with his magical poker.

Sean’s Enchanter force combed his starting area and found a treasure down a well and started setting up fodder in the choke positions. Colton started moving his thief up to a treasure on the walkway of the large central tower.

My warhounds found another awakened statue and easily took it down through superior numbers.

I had another warhound and my apprentice join the fray on the wounded Genie just in time for Gil to score another great hit. This time the Genie also struck out and both of took damage but Gil’s blow was the stronger and felled the demon. Should have just granted those wishes…

While I was busy with my demon friend, Sean was busy leaping his thief up to the top of the tall tower, securing his second treasure of the game. If he could get the thief out, it would guarantee three treasures as he had successfully rolled a revealed secret at the beginning of the game and had that chest squirreled away in his corner for safe keeping.

I wasn’t completely idle as I had my second treasure hunter, Rupee, sneaking around to look at a third treasure while my wizard lept a thief up to the top of a lone gateway to secure a second treasure. Things were looking good for me as well.

Osbert took aim at some of Sean’s infantrymen to no avail so I started sending warhounds his way to try to slow down his fortunes.

Colton, meanwhile, made a plodding advance with his demons, skeletons, and apprentice in tow.

At this point, Sean had secured four treasures while I had two in my possession and Colton was able to move in and secure two as well. I was the only one with a treasure actually off the board as Gil, wounded and tired, hobbled off the map with the now defunct Genie lamp.

The greedy SOB that I am, I waited for Colton’s thug to be occupied by an animated statue then I ran in to engage a treasure-laden thief. I would be a real jerk moments later when I ran a free warhound into the fray as well and killed the besieged thief. I was proud but then forgot that Colton’s entire archer force was lying in wait, ready to respond.

And respond they did with multiple volleys of arrows. Luck was with me as I dodged every sling and arrow Colton could muster and was able to get around to safer ground and hunker down, treasure in tow.

Things were going too well for Sean’s forces so I had a bear leap across the wall and harass him in his backfield. I didn’t time it well and Sean’s apprentice was able to get a leap spell off and get away.

This did set up the showdown I’d been waiting for as his large construct and my bear would go two-to-two.

Colton’s luck was still going down the drain as he failed multiple summoning attempts to help out his thug and thief battling a stubborn statue. This battle was for Colton’s last treasure option so it was do or die time. A fog spell also cut off his archer support so the battle would have to be won on the ground. Eventually he prevailed but Sean’s forces were waiting down below, ready to catch him if he tried to run. Colton hid his thief away for the rest of the battle, content to just wait out the end rounds to guarantee a treasure at the end.

Sean (wisely) did not want a Clegane-bowl mash up between mech and bear, bolts and beast so he sent in an infantryman for support. Little good did it do as we double whiffed. My bear had no support and with a bunch of soldiers at Sean’s disposal, this battle was doomed from the start. Luck was still with me and, fighting through the odds, I rended the construct severely, dropping it to 2 life. It would not last.

Soon Sean sent over more soldiers and eventually took Mutt down like that poor Germania chieftain in Gladiator. I will remember you, Mutt! He served his purpose in forcing Sean into a defensive position and retreating his forces to secure his starting area.

Sean was brutal and I lost 3 warhounds to his forces while he lost no one. Luckily, warhounds are cheap fodder for me and (hopefully) I can summon a new bear for the next battle.

All told, I still made out ok. 3 treasures were eventually secured and then net me a lot of gold (due to the lamp) and a new magic weapon along with a new grimoire. The grimoire find was initially disappointing as a Raise Zombie spell but then I checked over my casualties and Mutt, my bear companion was among the dead found after the battle. I had the technology… Gentlemen, we can rebuild him…

Sean fared the best with four treasures and Colton squeaked by with his single treasure. In discussing the board and the game we hit on a bold new plan for the next game layout. The idea didn’t take long to catch fire and I’m almost complete with the next phase of our Frostgrave board. When it is complete, I’ll show it off in a later post but until then I need to get working on rebuilding my bear.