With my latest Frostgrave minions complete, I turned to another project that will surely dog me for a long time to come: Time of Legends: Joan of Arc. There is an overwhelming amount of content to sift through, sort, and prepare for a game and I’d like to have some of it pimped out. The game is so immersive that painted components really bring it all home.

Similar to what I did with Walking Dead, I’m starting with the scenery as it will be the most used and easiest place to start. The other method I’m starting with is to choose a scenario and try to paint up all the components for that scenario (starting with simple, low component scenarios and working my way up).

I started my trees a while back to test how to best use their appropriately colored plastic. A dose of “magic wash” and then dry brushing (sometimes heavy in cases) with differing tree foliage colors worked well and quickly brought the trees up to table quality.

Since I had the tray of scenery handy and the concept would be the same, I grabbed the five shrub pieces as well and ran them through the same process.

The scenario I have in mind needs some walls so I grabbed them as well. I tested doing the “no priming” method I used on the trees but didn’t like the results so I primed them in grey to get the wash to stick better. A quick dry brushing and they were done. Well, almost done… I still have to do the creeper vines crawling all over.

Because I had the primer out, I grabbed the four little rocks too and did the same process. No vines this time so they are done.

I know this is getting to be a little bit of “if you give a pig a pancake” but since I still had some grey primer left in the airbrush cup…

I grabbed the ruins piece, the well, and the shrine and primed them too. The ruins and shrine (not pictured) went through the same process as the rocks and walls while the well will need a little bit extra.

So I started with just needing some trees and walls and went through most of the scenery tray in the core set. There was just one little bit of terrain left.

Archer stakes! These weren’t on the list at yet but were the last pieces in the tray so I pulled them out. I ran a flesh colored primer over them and slathered them in heavy “magic wash.” When that was dry, I sloppily painted dark brown over most of the model and highlighted with a gun metal metallic for the chains. Easy enough and now the whole tray is basically painted.

Even though it was more than I expected to do, painting it all up went very quickly. Hopefully the rest of the scenario paints up quickly as well as I’d like to get Joan of Arc to the table again soon.