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Back To Felstad

We were able to revisit the wonderful frozen city of Felstad this weekend as we threw down an epic game of Frostgrave. Sadly, I don’t have a report up yet but wanted to take a moment to show off some gratuitous setup shots that show off all the work Colton and Reese have done to bring Frostgrave to our table.

I think we can finally call the terrain side of our table “done.” While I’m sure there are more pieces that would be fun to print or build, we definitely don’t need any more for a game as almost all the scenarios can be covered with the modular pieces we’ve built.

My favorite piece is the large octagonal tower in the center. There is a lot of interesting things going on with that piece, both from a visual perspective, but also a mechanical set up perspective.

The bridge from the second floor leads to a crumbled secondary tower.

Off the wooden bridge there is also a spiraling wooden stair that leads to the third floor and an inner area with an open door that leads to a dead catwalk coming out the other side.

Through the trapdoor, the top of the spire can be accessed with a commanding view of the entire board.

Some other terrain items include these half-ruined circular towers. These pieces are completely modular based on one of the “lock” systems. The quarter panels of the stone floor snap together along with the arcing walls and second floor pieces.

More half-walls and collapsed ruins. We added my statues from a previous game to spice things up a little more. Colton loves his trees (which are usually a pain the ass since they tend to fall over) so they are out and about. This time we kept them propped up against sturdy terrain to make sure they didn’t become a nuisance. We added Heroscape trees as well but I have “winterized” them yet.

I’ll work up the battle report soon enough but when I saw the pics come back after our game, I really wanted to show off just how great their terrain is and kudos to all the effort that went into preparing all of it. I look forward to more journeys into the heart of Felstad and more imaginative board setups.


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