After a week hiatus with the family, I’m back with a quick comparison of some Joan of Arc terrain. There is a ton of content in that game and since I want to start with the terrain (like most of my projects*), I took a look at the many trees that come in the base set.

*well technically I started off Joan of Arc with my Dragon

These trees are nice little sculpts for the game but are really bright. The plastic coloring they chose looks very unnatural and since I didn’t want to have to do a lot of extra work, I decided to approach it like my HATE terrain.

A quick wash with the new “magic wash” I made helped but didn’t quite tone down the bright colors enough. When that wash dried, I went over it all with Agrax Earthshade (Citadel) again to mute it more.

It’s a good start but I think I’ll do a dry brush highlight to finish it out. I could (and might) stop there but with a bunch of trees in the queue, I want to get the process down before moving on to the assembly line. I’ll post the final results as soon as I work it out and I’ll use them on the terrain itself for the best comparison.