This weekend turned out to be pretty busy as I pulled a double session with Frostgrave in my new library maze and then a quick follow-up game of Infinity.

I hope to have reports up later this week but I’m really glad with how the board turned out. The players were excited as well and the overall scenario worked out.

With the Frostgrave game wrapped up, I have a bit of a reprieve on the hobby time needed to get the next scenario up to snuff (and it will only take the painting of a single monster so the next session will be ready to go quickly). I used the break to work on some of my other pending projects, namely Operation Last Train.

I talked about the game a little earlier this month and was happy to find that I can press my AT-43 figures into service. I knew that finding the rest of the material was going to be a challenge as I don’t have a lot of time to devote to the game with everything else going on. Luckily, I found some “bugs” to use in the game as well: the Z’zor team from Mantic’s Dreadball.

Even better, I found them painted up to a good standard. Even though the figures are from a team sports game, they don’t have any extras to resemble a sports game or additional paraphernalia.

With the bugs and volunteer soldiers figured out, I had one group of figures left to pick out. I went through a few options but settled on cheap pre-painted Wizkids HeroClix models. I’ve used these before for various games and knew what to expect.

Having the time, I cut the clix figures off their bases and rebased them on a simple 25mm base with a dash of green paint sloppily applied. It will match the light basing that my soldiers have. Though there were 20 figures, the rebasing went easily and the cost for these figures is stupid low since you can go through CoolStuffInc and pick out the cheapest figures with a low shipping cost as well.

They are a little colorful but that contrast to my gritty soldier will likely work well.

Assuming they get through infection inspection…