After my color scheme was finalized, I got to work painting up the first few models and made some good progress. It took some time settling on a color to match what I produced on the screen but I got something that was close enough using Army Painter’s Lava Orange with a healthy does of GW’s Agrax Earthshade wash.

They are definitely not mistaken for red or yellow now but they traded in the sienna for more of an orange. I guess it is fitting since it is the between of yellow and red. At the end of the day, I’m happy with the white and orange contrast.

I was happy that my white effects worked out. I primed in white they used GW Nuln Oil to wash everything down and bring out all the details in the white. Once that was dry, I did a lot of white dry-brushing to pull the raised flat areas back to white, leaving the recesses with a good dark lining. I don’t line my minis and wasn’t about to start on these so the prime-wash-drybrush technique worked well. You can also seal it in a gloss, then wash, and finally use rubbing alcohol on a q-tip to remove the wash you don’t like but it seemed to fussy for me to mess with on these models.

I sealed the results in an acrylic matte spray so that when I moved on to the armor and detailing, I would have an easier time removing mistakes. The armor was painted in the Lava Orange and then washed at the detail level with Agrax Earthshade. I did some very slight highlighting with some dry-brushing but it wasn’t easy to control and so I left it very light.

Lastly, I wrapped up the little details and then made the base into a street with the yellow lane striping. I guess it was inevitable to get some yellow in there. One thing I liked about the striping is that it also serves as the 180 degrees marker for the model (models only have a 180 degree field of view in Infinity so marking the “front” of the model is important).

The Zanshi were up next. They had less armor to paint but some trickier details with their faces. Again, I’m really happy with the white on these and everything just fell into place.

And last, I finished up the Tiger soldier. This model was a lot of fun. From putting that amazing, dynamic pose together, to painting through with the scheme I made, just everything great finishing up this mini. She had some fun extra details with the jet pack and hack display on her armband. Easy enough to do and again, the white process before made the overall job a lot easier than what I would have been able to do otherwise.