So with Tog suiting up, I needed to get the rest of my team in order.  Our group decided to go easy on the first few Frostgrave sessions so we’re only pulling from the core rulebook.  My original warband had a Captain but those don’t appear until later so I came up with a different group.

using a builder from

So Thurgen, the Winter Witch, is still my Wizard.  Tog isn’t going anywhere either. I’ve kept the Osbert brothers, Osbert and Osbert, as well my trio of warhounds. Mutt, my animal companion bear, is still in but to replace the Captain, I took up two Treasure Hunters, Gil and Rupee. I also lost the thief I had statted up but I think this will work out well.

I needed some Treasure Hunter models so I built up this fine chap out of the barbarian frostgrave set. This will be Gil.

For Rupee, my second Treasure Hunter, I decided to go all Merle Dixon from the Walking Dead TV series and make his offhand dagger be a permanent feature.  I drilled in the stump arm and cut the handle down on the dagger.

A little green stuff for stability and it glued right in.

The rest of the model came together quickly.

Another barbarian model complete.  That makes the last of my warband models.

I based everyone on the same frostgrave-sized thin base.

Then I put more green stuff around to make the base and mini-base of the figures be more seemless.  I had some extra ballast from a previous project so I added them as well.

And finally, a thin application of PVA glue and sand to round out the texture of the base.  I’ll let this sit so I can prime the bases and work on the models to finish them off.