A master and an apprentice.  We’re going to focus on that apprentice today.  His name is Tog and he seemed very un-apprentice looking in my Frostgrave Warband.  When we last left him oh so many months ago, he was based a little and still very “master of hunt.”

I decided he needed some magical assistance so we’re removing that leather crop that was to be the leash for his hounds and replacing it with some sort of wand. I was going to try to sculpt the whole thing out of green stuff but I was afraid it wouldn’t hold up so I went pillaging minis for something else.

I found this duplicate and messed up figure from Walking Dead: All Out War and figured I could use the straight piece from her bent pitchfork as the basis for a very thick wand (Tog is not refined so he’d want a sturdy wand in case it messes up and he needs to brain someone with it instead).

For a moment, I considered going with a magical cattleprod but decided to move on keeping more inline with the theme of the setting.

Using the pin vise, I carefully carved out a good hole in his wrist to insert the wand and give it a bit more security.

After cutting off the tines, I used green stuff to fill the hole and place the wand in there, making a snug fit.  I cleared away the excess green stuff and then worked on making the wand fancier. I wound a thin cord of green stuff around the shaft and fashioned some sort of crystal to the end.  The cord worked as intended but the crystal may need a little more work or some good detailing during the painting session. For now, I’ll let the whole thing set up and mess with it more before it goes to get primed.