The final day for Gen Con 2018 was upon us and there wasn’t much for me to do except run my last two events of the Con.  First up was my third annual Loopin’ Chewie tournament.

Honestly, if anything keeps me coming back, it is running this tournament. Last year, the tourney really took off with a bunch of X-wing players showing up and each year we get more people playing and more having a good time.

The field was packed again and included Zach Bart, last year’s winner who also brought along his trophy, the golden paddle.  It was great to see him back in action and his 2017 paddle making the rounds.

The event is becoming a staple for several of the Con attendees with many of them telling me that it is there favorite event.  People walking by tend to ask me where my booth is in the dealer hall so they can buy a copy.  Luckily, the game can still be found but I believe it is out of print so there will come a year when we won’t be able to direct them to Amazon or other online retailers.

After the crazy Loopin’ Chewie tournament, I had six players join in a free-for-all dogfight of X-wing Uglies.  The event went smoothly and was brutal as ships took some epic one-shot kills.

I added some hazards during the event like proximity mines showing up but no one really turtled or flew off into a corner to hide out so there wasn’t much of a need to coax players into combat.

In the end, a simple “Y-TIE” was the last ship standing.

Funny that a legitimate “Ugly” won out the day, especially since I have no clue where the engines are on that thing.

With my events concluded, I had a few more minutes to wander the dealer hall.  We checked out some booths to see if there were any last minute sales going on.  We found the Dropzone Commander 2-player starter on clearance so snagged it for the steal of $20. My friend and I will split it up for parts or whatever as it has a lot of great material in there.  We also spotted “Not Stan Lee” cosplayer wandering around. I think it is awesome that cosplay can be done at basically any age.

With the dealer hall closed, Gen Con officially ended.  We went to the airport and hung out, trying out Keyforge for the first time.  I liked it and so we should see a bit more of it hitting as we get together.

Gen Con 2018 concluded with the last drinks of our “official” whisky of the Con, Jefferson’s Ocean, wheated mash edition.