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Bounty Hunters and Ugly Pieces Of Ship

Sorry, no Walking Dead Wednesday today. I’ve been too focused on the upcoming CabinCon to work on anything else over the week.  The trip is nearly upon us and I’m just barely making it through.  Today, I finished up my bounty hunters and I think they turned out pretty well for blitzing through everything.

I don’t have a lot of time so I’ll just run through the rest of my shots of the bounty hunters from Imperial Assault as well as my Star Wars Uglies conversions.

Gang is all here!

Star Wars Uglies!

There you have it! Some of these uglies truly were pretty hideous.  I’m excited to see how the rest of it comes out and how the first game actually goes.


CabinCon 2018 Prep


Metal Comes to Batman


  1. Russ

    Love the Imperial Assault paint jobs (I forgot you can paint in color, lol). I could never even get Stormtroopers to look right. I really like Boba Fett, great job on the colors there – spot on.

    • Christian

      Thanks Russ! I found the rest of my paints putting my games away and so it was time to play with color again. I wonder if you can cheat with Stormtroopers and base paint them white and use a black ink for the rest. A guy at one of the local game stores did really well with a Dropzone army where he base painted the figure, sealed it with a high gloss, then inked it with a strong black. Afterwards, he took a Q-tip and wiped away the ink on the flat/raised parts and it came out great. I don’t remember if he used something for the Q-tip but I wonder if that would work for them.

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