Tomorrow starts our annual CabinCon trip filled with games, games, and more games up in the confines of a nice secluded cabin.  It’s a great chance to meet up with old friends and hit games that we usually don’t have time for or pulling out old favorites.

Every year, I try to throw out something unique and memorable and so this year I’m trying out a “Hunger Games” variant for Imperial Assault’s skirmish rules.  I like the theme of a bunch of Bounty Hunters getting thrown together to fight it out Battle Royale style so I picked up all the Bounty Hunters I could find and decided to go the extra mile and try to get them painted before the Con.  We’ll see if I can wrap them up in time.

First up we have the first four that I went through last night.

I started with the easy ones which meant all the droids like classic IG-88.

Then Cyborg anti-relations with evil-threepio, BT-1, from some of the comic book series.  I didn’t read those but the idea of a psychotic protocol droid seemed amusing.

Finishing out the murderbots, we have the evil Warmachine version of R2: 0-0-0. I don’t even know what they call him.  “Ooooo”? Whatever, he’s got rockets and flame weapons to spare so he’ll go in the pit, errr, I mean into the Hunger Game arena. May the odds be ever in your favor.

“Can’t wait to get started, right fellas?”  Yep it’s Dengar time.  I really never cared for this guy but Robot Chicken put a whole new spin on him and I can’t “unsee” it.

That leaves three more for today: Greedo, Boba Fett, and Bossk.  Time to get crackin’.

Also, I need to get my “X-wing Uglies” ready for flight. I finished up two more ship bodies last night and will need to start drilling and magnetizing so that everything is ready to fly.

Added a little Twin-Ion Engine to the back of the AT-AT.  Should be interesting.