I’m back from our CabinCon weekend and haven’t quite gotten everything unpacked yet but I did see some awesome news coming out of Knight Models.

I’ve been into the big 2017 comic event, Dark Nights Metal since it first launched and thought the new villains it added would be great as models.  I’m glad to see Knight Models agrees. They’ve only released the first two images and it looks like they tease more as time progresses but it is awesome to see the first few emerge.

The Merciless is a Wonder Woman-esque hybrid of Batman where he takes the helm of Ares to stop evil in is own inversed Universe.

The Drowned is the Aquaman hybrid where Batman tries to combat a rogue Atlantis uprising in another inversed Universe.

The only concern is that these villains are levels of magnitude stronger than figures in the Batman Miniature Game.  That system does allow for “legendary” figures but only a few of them have made the crossover to BMG.  Knight Models does have a companion system for “super” characters like most of the rest of the DC Universe so I’d imagine these figures will be for that system instead of BMG.  I’m ok with that if it means I can field the Dark Night Batmans.  Now I just have to wait for the biggest prize: