Salute 2018 was this past weekend in London and while the new owners of Dropzone Commander didn’t put on the kind of spectacle that Hawk Wargames used to throw, they did have a few interesting items to pour over.

photo from Salute 2018 TTCombat booth- Louis Simpson

These little guys are from the Phase 2 book and they introduce an neutral AI component to the battlefields in the form of fauna. The concept sounded interesting but no models ever came out to support it so most players never use that section of the rules.

It was looking like the convention was going to be a bust with nothing new to show for Dropzone but a user posted the picture above on Facebook so there was at least something new to look at.

These models are a bit better than the renders we saw of some of the fauna when they were teased out over a year ago:

I don’t know if these fauna are old versions of the some of the models above but they looked pretty awful and not something I’d consider picking up.  Instead, it looks like the DZC crew is upping them a little and making the models look more akin to the quality we’ve seen in the past.

The spiky models in the foreground seem to be very close to the original art featured in the rule book:

Hopefully we’ll see more on these models soon but I’m liking what I’m seeing a lot more than a year ago.

TTCombat was also running games using the beta v2 rules and news of those updates will likely filter in throughout the week.