Not much to this update but I was able to finish up my Gaslands templates.

Last we saw these templates, they were fresh cut from a hardboard clipboard.  I primed them in my standard grey, added some rust effect from my new Army Painter effect paint that I first tried on my Dropzone Commander Laser. Finally, I sealed it all with a gloss acrylic.

I still needed to get some graphics on the templates so I did a packing tape transfer like I did with my Flick ’em Up mustaches.  I forgot how long this takes and how you have to go through multiple dunks in the bowl to get all the paper residue off before you can apply the transfer to the templates.

Ultimately, they worked out pretty well and I’m satisfied with the results.  It was pretty easy, all said and done, and very inexpensive. The clipboard ran about $1.85, the primer and sealer are about $4 each (had on hand), packing tape $2 (had on hand), and the Army Painter rust effect is about $3 (had on hand).

I didn’t have time to run a game but did take a minute to setup a mock result to see how things looked.

This is using Dropzone Commander scenery tiles and papercraft buildings with three different Dropzone models, the yellow Battlebus, the red Gun Technicals, and the green Gun Wagon.

Even with this mock setup, I can see the game is going to have some fun interactions and I can’t wait to try it out.