With the Test of Honour Dojo complete, it was time to work on the other items that came in that kit: the sword ruler and the lanterns.

The lanterns were the more complicated item since I wanted to pimp mine out a little more.  I’m on a big “lighted” components kick so time to light these suckers up as well.

I’d seen this pimp first on the Test of Honour Facebook page and it seemed easy enough.  After assembling the base and top of the lantern separately, I grabbed some baking paper and cut little rectangles out to glue on the insides of the lantern.  This should diffuse the light and make it illuminate evenly.

The lamp’s light diffused easily enough so it was going well.  You’ll notice that the bottom is open as well and since my light will be coming up from the bottom, I need to take care of that opening.

Taking a bit of green stuff, I shoved it down the lantern and worked it around the sides.

After the greenstuff started to harden, I then scraped and pushed the green stuff that started poking through the bottom back and made it a bit hollow. This went back and forth as I’d push too deep and then need to rework the inside.  Eventually, it got to a point where I was satisfied.

I let it set up a little more and then painted the green stuff black to help hide it.

Lastly, I grabbed some electronic tea lights and primed their base.  I drilled a hole through the bottom of each lantern base and sat the lanterns on top.

And done. They turn on easily with a switch and even flicker like the lighted lanterns would.

Then, to finish out the set, I assembled the sword ruler.  It is hard to tell in this shot but the blade has one inch marks to help maneuver figures around.