This weekend saw the completion of my dojo mdf kit for Test of Honour.  This was the first mdf building I’ve tried and luckily, it was pretty easy.

The kit itself it quite easy and the precision cuts assembled smoothily and without issue.  I was able to dry fit the entire building to get an idea of how to paint and set up.

The kit is nice with a detachable roof and optional sliding doors

After cleaning and priming everything, I started working on the base.  I grabbed some grey balast material for model railroads and used the same technique I did with my Test of Honour bases– PVA glue, dump rocks on glue, layer a thinned out PVA over everything, and let dry.

As the base landscaping dried, I test fit all the primed material to make sure things would still be ok.

With no issues, I set up the full set to dry and start painting.

With some time left in the weekend, painted the rest of the pieces and let them dry before gluing everything together in the final assembly. The painting took awhile because of some of the small repeating work like the white panes above the door and the wood lines on the roof.

The white panes weren’t perfect but definitely doable for terrain.

The interior will be getting some use as well so I outlined the dojo mats.

Pretty fun project overall though it included a lot of slow repeated work.

I did add one little pimp to the whole kit with this little paper clip hook in the roof to hang my LED lights from.

Very easy to go and adds some nice contrast to the piece (which is usually pretty dark given the large roof.

Now I have to get to work on the figures themselves.