In addition to completing my dojo kit earlier, I was also able to push through and capitalize on the nice weather this past weekend to get my new set of Bandits and Brigands from Test of Honour complete and ready for painting.

Like the Ninja set I picked up before, The models were only one or two pieces and were easy to prep.  Also, while the whole concept of the “Dojo Assault” got me into this game (even if that concept was never fully realized), the sculpts for this set are easily my favorite in the entire range.   The ninja set is great but these unarmed ne’erdowells are fantastic in their non-uniform appearance.  While the core set units are stiff and unexciting, everyone of these sculpts are dynamic and exude character.

To keep consistent, I based them with the same sand that I used with my Ninjas.  This time, I gave the first stage of sand ample time to dry before throwing on the “sealing” layer of the watered down glue.

Priming with my standard automotive grey, these guys are ready for painting.  Unfortunately, my painting queue has the Dojo Assault figures in line first so these will have to wait.

I may have to cheat a bit… much like the hot girl getting bumped up in line while waiting to get into club, these awesome jingasa wearing brigands are just too cool to not paint up right away.