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Gen Con 50 Dropzone 2.0 Beta Rules

At Gen Con 50, we were able to talk to the Hawk team and get a rough idea of the major changes coming to Dropzone 2.0.  These rules are still in beta so may change and are mainly from my notes so I may have missed or misinterpreted them:

  • Dropships are not tied to units period. As long as the unit could be carried by the dropship, you don’t need to assign it to a specific unit. APCs work the same way.
  • Non-AA vehicles dropped by a dropship can fire with a penalty on the same turn.
  • All units not in a dropship start in reserve. Reserve units enter play on turn two.
  • Only units with demo can deal double damage on hits against buildings. Falling masonry damage only triggers on damage rolls +2 over the target roll.
  • Searching buildings starts the roll with target 6, then the target value gains -1 if you have an APC near the building, -1 if you are the occupier (entered building first), and -1 if the building is small sized. The target never decreases during additional rounds.
  • Infantry units searching have -3 CQB in combat, infantry units at the windows  have -3 CQB but the effects are not cumulative. APC units add 3 CQB if within an inch of the building
  • Enemy units may also attempt to search in buildings.
  • Skimmers and hovercraft always get there bonus regardless of travel distance.
  • Aircraft height is located at the top of their peg, not an imaginary point 6″ above the play surface. And no more aircraft going “to the deck.” (Thanks to the Dropzone Commander Colorado Facebook page and Colton!)

That’s all I have from my notes.  If you have info or clarifications, let me know in the comments!

edit: I just saw that Hawk posted some general concepts of the 2.0 changes on their site: Gen Con Sneak Peek: Dropzone Commander 2nd Edition


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  1. Colton

    There was also mention that they are dropping the To The Deck rules.

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