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Walking Dead Wednesday: Cheap Walls

I’ve been printing up some new paper craft buildings from the Fat Dragon city set I picked up awhile back but wasn’t paying attention and double printed some of the sheets.  Not wanting to just waste good material, I decide to reuse them with some foamcore and make some quick and easy walls.

First I wanted to make sure my walls matched me fences from the Mantic Battlezones 20th Century set.

Then I spray mounted the paper images to foamcore.

Finally, I cut one side down to size, then glued on a second piece to make the walls thick enough to stand on their own.  After some trimming and spray-mounting the rest of the images on the other side, I was good to go.

I also got some painting in where I finished Lori, Morgan, and Duane.

They painted up pretty easy though I was a little ambitious (for me) and went for a patterned shirt for Lori like in the comics.  It worked out ok and looks better from arms length (like most of my minis do).

I really hope Rick and company don’t need something beyond that gate.


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  1. Nice terrain. The walls and gates make a great combination.

    Your models look nice as well. I like the pattern on the shirt. I’m not sure I would be willing to try that on my models.

    • Christian

      Thanks Sean! I was pretty happy with how it came out. The pattern was a bit nerve-wracking and I wouldn’t do a lot of models that way but as a one-off, it worked out. The key for me was to have the main shirt color available to clean up thicker/wandering lines.

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