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Style In Painting Miniatures

I ran across something the other day that really got the hamster wheel turning and tangented off all over but eventually landed me on the topic painting styles in miniatures.  I’ve studied art while in college and know a bit about the emergence of styles and schools of influence and so when I look at painting miniatures, I wonder what the prevailing styles and schools of thought are.

I still feel very new to the painting scene and so I might be missing a lot of cultural knowledge but I’m always surprised by the lack of diverse styles in the industry.  Maybe they are too subtle for me to recognize but it seems to me like the art of painting minis is still in its infancy with painters focused more on trying nail down techniques and not develop an actual style.

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Walking Dead Weekend Edition… Mantic’s Spring Open Day

Just a quick note since the images will be lost on Facebook after a few days, Mantic hosted their Spring Open Day and had a few preview images to show off.  All images were from Mantic’s Facebook page.

I previewed the Governor’s gruesome “TV” display earlier when it was leaked on Facebook before but now we have this image to show more of what this set might include.

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