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Championship Formula Racing: Historical Drivers test


Walking Dead “Wednesday”: Body Count


Walking Dead Wednesday: Cheap Walls


  1. Douglas E Schulz

    Very, very cool. The photos and paint job are great. Hope the system was fun.

    • Christian

      The system was very fun. Great work on it and I’m really enjoying the game!

  2. Russ Spears

    I’ve got to admit, I’m still not sure if you made a report based on a simulator or formatted your report to go with a simulator.

    The paint job on the black car though – such straight, fine lines!

    • Christian

      Thanks Russ! That Lotus 77 was lucky as the majority of the lines were on the edge (which were hard) so that made it a little easier.

      The report was likely too “artistic” to make any real sense of the Historical driver rules but I realized I didn’t take detailed enough notes or enough pics to really showcase the Historical Driver rules so I went in a different direction. It was fun to do so hopefully it was also entertaining to read.

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