After finally getting a game in of Dracula’s America while out with Taylor, I saw some glaring holes in my setup and I’m taking the month of January to fix up and “finalize” my whole old west setup. The biggest error was missing the fact that the full game needs bystanders and I had none prepared, not even some languishing unopened in a box or drawer. I promptly ordered what I needed and used the shipping time to fix up some of my terrain as well.

One of the first things to do was scratch build a sign for the town of Little Church, where most of my game settings will take place. This was easy enough as I just pulled out some old square dowels, some MDF 25mm bases and cut up a spare piece of terrain MDF that was left from a “sprue.”

After it was primed and dry brushed, I printed out a sign and cut it to size. PVA glue smeared thinly across the from completed the look.

I also printed out more old west posters and glued them to the buildings as well. Some follow-up dry brushing on some of the scatter terrain completed the little items I had left over.

Included with the church was several sprues of picket fence. I put them together, primed and dry brushed them as well. The Undertaker building came with MDF tombstones so they scattered easily in the new cemetery I can build with the fences. I was initially going to make a whole scene with a flat board to glue everything to but those kinds of terrain pieces are pretty needy. Without a rigid structure to protect them, they tend to get bits snapped off or broken when trying to store them so I’ll keep it all loose for now.

I have another set of cacti that I need to finish priming (once we get another warm day) and then I’ll add them to the mix. Again, the rulebook recommends using a plate or disc to put the cacti on, making a whole terrain piece but I’ll likely just amend the rules to say that you have the terrain rules if you are within 1 inch of any plant.

The town of Little Church is really coming together now. It just needs a few bystanders to be terrorized or saved and Dracula’s America will be complete.