I hope everyone is having a happy Thanksgiving. In a weirdly apt turn of events, I continued on with my digital model recreations and was able to get a workable army together for some digital Infinity. This digital “family” kind of reminded me of all the digital interactions we’ve been doing since this whole mess began.

I was able to get the process down to 60-90 minutes per model, mainly done in batches. Basically, take all the photos needed for about 4 or 5 figures, then start the photogrammetry process for them all (leaving the computer to just churn through the processing while I paint or do something else). After the initial renders get through, it runs pretty quick as it is just some clean up in Blender and then adding the game states functionality in Unity.

With cases spiking higher and higher locally, I put together a 200 point list to get Colton back involved in Infinity and get a virtual game on. With Invincible Army being a pretty expensive faction, points-wise, that allowed me to only need seven more models to render before I could throw down on the “table.” The first batch went through quickly so I added the little TinBot model for fun even though it is really just a token reminder in the game.

I put the team through its paces last night in our first game of Infinity via Tabletop Simulator and while it was not as great as being in person, it felt like playing Infinity and it was a good game. I’ll have the report up sometime in the next few days so relax, enjoy the holiday (for those in the States), and stay safe.