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The Gang Is All Here

I hope everyone is having a happy Thanksgiving. In a weirdly apt turn of events, I continued on with my digital model recreations and was able to get a workable army together for some digital Infinity. This digital “family” kind of reminded me of all the digital interactions we’ve been doing since this whole mess began.

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It’s In The Computer

After a third failed attempt at doing Infinity outside and the rising risk levels for COVID-19 again, I’ve resigned to go back to virtual/zoom gaming for the time being. Infinity is on Tabletop Simulator but that brought up a good question from my friends: will you still paint figures? I initially thought “yes, of course” and decided I wouldn’t play with virtual pawns unless I had that figure ready and painted up.

That may seem silly but then I stumbled on the work of Infinity youtuber VaulSC and Dice From Hell and found something amazing.

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New Models And Brown Dudes

Gen Con is steadily approaching and I’ve got a few more irons in the fire before I go. I’m not sure what all I’ll finish up but we’ll give it a go and see what works before time runs out. Up first is a project I’ve had in mind for years now and I’m finally getting somewhere with it thanks to the help of Colton and Reese.

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Catacombs: An Experiment In 3D

Catacombs, the dexterity disc-flicking dungeon crawl game, is easily my favorite dexterity game out there.  I’m a big fan of dexterity games anyway but Catacombs has always struck me as the perfect balance between dexterity game and narrative story.

catacombs box cover from the publisher (on BGG)

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Showcase: OGRE

This is one my first fully pimped project and easily one of my favorites.  For a long time I’d been interested in Steve Jackson GamesOGRE.  I like the simplicity and asymmetry but wasn’t a fan of chits and hex grids nor did the theme seem especially original after I found it 30+ years from it’s introduction.

Kwanchai Moriya is probably my favorite board game artist though he didn’t start out as such.  Originally a studio artist (and still is), Kwanchai is an avid board gamer and being an artist, started playing around with retheming out of print games.  One of his first and most popular was taking OGRE and retheming it into an alternate World War II war game.

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