Gen Con is steadily approaching and I’ve got a few more irons in the fire before I go. I’m not sure what all I’ll finish up but we’ll give it a go and see what works before time runs out. Up first is a project I’ve had in mind for years now and I’m finally getting somewhere with it thanks to the help of Colton and Reese.

So here we have a new pitchcar disc design that works for the intended F1 theme. I tried to model this many times but could never get the look right. It took Colton just a few minutes and he had it 90% there. Knowing Fusion 360 a little better, I was able to complete the model meshes he made to make them work in both 3D printing and CNC machining.

I actually made car discs a while back but mine were blocky representations of mad max combat vehicles, done only because I couldn’t figure out how to sculpt the flowing F1 body. I still like my combat cars and use them for the annual PitchCar Deathrace (coming up next week) but it’s nice to see the vision finally come to light.

Reese threw the 3D models through the printer for some quick prototyping and I saw some design flaws I had. I’m hoping to iron them out and see if we can get them to turn out more usable. I also have the CNC version to try out as well.

In other PitchCar news, the series 7 kickstarter “Loop” is starting to ship in the US. I’m hoping to get before I leave so I can bring some exciting variation to the deathrace course but it looks like it will be very tight.

Slowly but surely I’m getting through painting HATE up. I was able to finish priming/base coating all the figures from the core set. The bases are color coded for game play reasons so I taped each figure’s base with a little quarter inch stripe of painters tape to keep that element around without overwhelming the aesthetic.

The large figures got the same treatment minus the painter’s tape since the base color doesn’t really matter for them.

I’m using Stynylrez airbrush primer (Ebony Flesh) for my dark base coat sepia theme. The core set ended up using a whole 2 oz. bottle, otherwise I would have gone on and finished the rest of the figures.

I was a bit sloppy with the airbrushing and laid on the primer thick but when the minis dried out, the detail was still quite good.

So glad I straightened out that axe. That would have bugged me to no end. I’m going to take a pretty spartan approach to painting these as I don’t want it to take forever. We’ll see how much time I’ll have before the rush to Gen Con makes all other work impossible.