Day 20 finds me finishing up the leftovers like picking up after a crazy weekend of partying. First up is the wrap up of Lunah, sniper extraordinaire.

This was really just blocking out the base and lazily putting some consistent color on the ground.

Then finished things with some dirt and shade on her cloak.

For the Guijia Squadron, I picked up a custom base topper that is the same as the studio model. I did all the detailing above yesterday so today I just needed to black out the sides and finish the caution strip.

I glued on the topper and put the foot step (the downed Pan-O Seraph) on the base for scale.

I decided to chance a precarious test shot, balancing the big guy approximately where he would normally stand.

I finished the bar off adding some wash to tone the bright yellow down. I’ll seal the base tomorrow and pin the big guy down and add final little detail and this big guy will be complete.