Another long Paint day as I work through this 19th day of April. I have more Infinity models to get through but the collection is dwindling and I only have a few models to go.

I have more work still to finish up the big Guijia Squadron TAG but most of the day was turned to this dynamic figure: Lunah, the ex-Aristeia Sniper.

I started with some detailing on the inside of Lunah’s cloak.

And then a lot of details were knocked out closing with some bright edge highlighting of the sniper rifle.

I then went back over the gun in Nuln Oil to knock down the brightness.

I have to finish up the shading on the cloak and the actual base and this figure will be done.

I still have a bit more work left on the TAG, including this Base feature. This actually a pretty cool little sculpt as the big square notch on the right is where the foot locks into as it stomps on a rival TAG’s head after carving it up with its sword.

In this case this is a Seraph TAG from Pan-O so I did some quick blue painting in the studio paint scheme style and covered it in a heavy wash.

And that quickly finished up the extra piece from that model. I’m building a custom base for this guy so he’s going to hangout on this temp base until everything is all ready. Actually most of it is done but I’m really excited so I’ll do it all proper in a separate post.