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Walking Dead Wednesday: Last Of The Tokens

As mentioned earlier, I wasn’t happy seeing more of the original color tokens on the board so I went and remade a few of the last ones and Reese was able to print them up quickly. There are still a few tokens left but they are for specific scenarios so I’ll deal with them as they come.

These terrain pieces weren’t printed, they were just leftover from what I didn’t finish earlier. The long tire barricade was from The Walking Dead: All Out War scenery pack and the other two items come from the old Mantic Mar’s Attack urban set.

The tokens for the walker entrances onto the board are simple arrows in the base game and I didn’t have a great idea to convert it to something more thematic. I went with simple arrows and a “L”, “M”, “H” logo to help identify when they would trigger walker spawns.

I didn’t want more arrow tokens on the board so I went for a simple off-center “Exit” sign as the scenario exit piece.

Lastly, I did turn out a scenario specific token with these two vent pieces. Mainly because they were easy to make and help complete more tokens.

I still have to decide if I want to mess with door tokens (there are some great doors on Thingiverse that could be printed) or fire tokens. The current door tokens aren’t obnoxious and replacing with real doors might make the cramped boards more so. I could increase the size of the boards (since I’m already redrawing them) but that would be a bit of work. We’ll see how the game goes before I really go nuts with the redesign.

Speaking of the game, I have it all set up to run through and will report back on how the intrepid team did. I expect it won’t go well as I’ve read that Negan is kind of a total ass.

Ready Player One!

-also! cool that Mantic used the same diecut size for the threat tracker in Here’s Negan as their All Out War game. Lucille is back!


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  1. Russ Spears

    You know I do love Lucille!!!

    Is a b/w/inked Lucille Threat Tracker on the horizon (just because you can never be “done”)?

    The theme really does come together in the pics with the game layed out. If I had an inkling of doubt before, I’m completely won over now.

    You and Reese may have to start a download/links section for printable models before long. I keep seeing bits I want to liberate.

    • Christian

      I’m not sure about a b/w Lucille. One comes with the game as a first player marker but it never sees the board and everything else “non-board” is in color. I could convert the entire tracker to b/w but for now I have a lot of tiles I still have to draw so it will be on the back burner 🙂

      I have posted an item or two to Thingiverse (mainly Dropzone items) but I’m behind in my latest models. It’s a good idea so I’ll post them soon and link from the blog.

      • Russ Spears

        I can relate to having a heft backlog of work. I’ve been converting my map tiles from “oops, that’s 7.5 inches” to “the universal 6 inch standard” while updating and tweaking the graphics. By the time I optimized, I believe I’ve got 300 (cake)boards to apply double sided graphics to. Notice how slow my website updates have been lol 🙂

        • Christian

          ah, yes. I always find myself debating: should I hobby now or write about what I already hobbied. It is a hard balance sometimes.

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