While I only played a small part of one game of Infinity at CabinCon, playing just one model in between two warring factions was pretty fun. There was very little risk or reward for me but it was a wildcard for Sean and Colton playing the full scenario. I tried not to play spoiler or kingmaker and really just play more character driven. This led to some imbalance as I started picking on Colton’s units that kept aggro-ing me but it was still a fun little skirmish.

Sean set up the scenario using his AVP board layouts and several of the Corvus Belli Infinity scenery kits. The two factions, Nomad and Pan-O, set up on opposite sides and I would roll off to see what non-deployment flank I would start on.

I rolled and landed on Pan-O’s right flank. I couldn’t deploy in either deployment zone so it gave me a narrow strip to find cover in and not eat too many AROs. I would have two orders: my regular order and my Lieutenant order and would play at the end of each player’s turn. In addition, I had four command tokens to spend throughout the game. This could be used to take an additional order or bring another battle kitty into play if the first one was destroyed. This last aspect made me a little less cautious.

My Kitty started out by hauling ass to the closest target, a Nomad Mobile Brigada. I rounded the corner and he was able to turn to face me.

Just in time to transform into combat mode and take some point blank Spitfire lead. Point blank is not where I want to be in the range band but when you’re throwing 4 attacks, it tends to do well regardless. Mobile Brigada does well though and only takes a damage.

I’m a total jerk and I slink back off after lighting him up and burn an extra order to creep back around and hammer him again from the backside. This doesn’t go well for the Nomads as the Brigada drops and we find out that I knocked down Colton’s Lieutenant. That will cause most of his forces to go into disarray next turn. Oof. So much for not kingmaking.

Nomads and Pan-O resume fighting and then I’m up again. Since I technically have to “score” points only from the faction I have the least kills in, I turn my attention to Pan-O. Even though it is a pretty big waste, I chuck a panzerfaust shot down field at a prone Swiss Guard. I can just see his base so he can’t hide from me. The shot is dumb with cover and TO chamo kicking in to force me to roll 8 or less. The Swiss Guard fires back and blows his roll and I make mine so he gets a lovely face full of armor piercing explosive rounds. The triple damage takes him down and out of the game. Two kills! Well sort. I left the Mobile Brigada down and bleeding out behind me. Removing the Swiss Guard was quite a blow to Pan-O so I felt like I evened things out after wiping out the Nomad’s command structure.

Next I take Kitty on a stroll and get to a more central location and climb up to see what I can see.

From this vantage, I can work on some additional Pan-O troops before turning back to the Nomads. I can’t get a shot at the Orc Trooper pushing buttons on the scenario piece so I rain hell down on a hapless Fusilier, his back against the wall already. He goes down hard in a hail of Spitfire.

Pan-O doesn’t like that and starts poaching my kill by permanently killing the Mobile Brigada. While that is annoying and makes me want to wipe out more Pan-O, I’m now at 2 kills for Pan-O and zero for Nomads so it’s time to get to work.

Unfortunately, the Nomads have a better idea and use their sniper to start stunning me. That doesn’t go well and I lose a round of action. It’s ok because as soon as possible. I swing around and murdilate the annoying sniper. Unfortunately, I only get him to unconscious and Pan-O poaches my kill again. I did actually try to hit him again before my turn ended but bad dice ruined the fun.

As the game starts to wind down, I try multiple rounds to take down the Nomad’s big Kriza Borac (hiding behind some large crates down off to my left). The big guy is just too tough (and my rolls are spent) and I end with just one kill for Nomads and 2 for Pan-O.

It was a lot fun to just jump in and sight see in Colton and Sean’s game. I got to jump in with my battle kitty and romp around which is always fun and destroy things with extreme prejudice. I think I hose Colton more than Sean in the game but by taking down critical pieces from both sides, I think it still left things open for either side to win. I didn’t pay attention much when it wasn’t my turn so I kind of left them to do their thing but it looked like the game went well and was glad to see the game hit the table at the cabin.