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Finishing Up For Cabin Con

We started our annual Cabin Con yesterday but I ran out of time to post what I was able to finish up for some of our premiere games. First up is painting up my Frostgrave Tavern base for my wizard band.

I was able to maximize my airbrush on this large model, covering the tree trunk and different house pieces in sectioned colors. This meant I could black out the stone and roof parts for later dry brushing and the outside paneling with a generic beige. This allowed me to then focus on the detailing the wood trim. The trunk itself was dark brown for the shadows and then the dry brushing in successive light shades to detail the trunk.

As I mentioned before, the model isn’t just eye candy as I also use for a dice tower.

This will guarantee it sees more table play (I was able to use it for our intro game to Joan of Arc last night). I’m really happy with how this all turned out and I can’t wait to see it in Frostgrave later this week.

I also was able to finish up Adrenaline by painting all six of the characters. I didn’t take a lot of time to finish the models up for a board game but it is nice to get them all complete.

I decided to Pimp It Up Notchtm by adding 3D walls as well. These walls came from the very affordable Corvus Games Terrain. My friend Reese printed up more walls and I cut them to size, glued them together and slapped a quick dry brushing on them to give them some visual appeal.

The walls worked well and we have the next Cabin Con project ready to go.


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CabinCon 2019


  1. Russ Spears

    You’re coming by the pimp handle honestly – all of this looks awesome! The paint job on the dice tower is just perfect!

  2. Christian

    Thanks Russ! The dice tower has been a big hit when it hits the table. Really happy with how it turned out.

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