The painting desk has been a little dry recently as I try to recharge my batteries. But I must press on as I have our annual CabinCon coming up and while I might not be doing as much prep as I usually do, it is an excuse to pull out something different to work on, namely the Adrenaline board game.

Ever since I first saw this figure in the game, I knew I wanted to redo the weird smiley-face concept and go in a different direction. That front dome always reminded me of HAL 9000 so I did a little bit of conversion work and then primed him black and away we went.

Since this is a board game and I’m pressed for time, I’m limiting myself to really fast color schemes and minimal work.

Two of the six figures are down and so only four more to go. Honestly, I really only wanted to paint HAL and the rest of the figures would look very out of place against a painted model so that is the real compulsion for finishing up the rest. I’m not too worried as these models are going quite fast (since I’m just slapping paint down on the rest and hiding the slop with a heavy wash).

There is one factor that may create some issues and that is the highly anticipated arrival of Joan of Arc.

I’ve been pining for this release for almost two years now and to have it in hand is really exciting. I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a kickstarter since Mantic’s Walking Dead. Due to scheduling and travel, it will take some time to even get started with this work of gaming art.

I didn’t get to dig through everything since there is a lot of material and I still wanted things to go back in their box but I needed to do an obligatory shot of the title hero, Joan of Arc.

And it wouldn’t be an “I got mine!” post without the Dragon picture. This box is the same size as the core set.

And while this is the other obligatory “Look at the size of this thing!” pic, it’s really hard to see except for the proof that it does fit in my display case. Good thing as getting the case was due in no small part to the sheer size of that awesome figure.