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Preparing For Battle

My first goal in any design endeavor is to get rules to the table as soon as possible. Normally this means slapping random physical assets together to just get the bare minimum across and see if the game concepts even work. There is no point in creating beautiful layouts and printing cards or assets that may undergo radical changes during the development process. That being said… I did paint up the minis needed for my first test.

Hunting For Monster Hunters

One thing I’m not stopping myself from buying this year is rule books. Miniature agnostic rule books are really in a renaissance right now as people realize they probably have tons of minis (painted or unpainted) that can be used to quickly play a new tabletop minis game. Spearheading this field for me are games like Frostgrave, Rangers of Shadow Deep, or Five Parsecs from Home. Friend Colton threw a link my way for another game option:

image from On The Table

Too Many Minis

I saw this meme floating around shortly after the new year (Happy New Year, btw!). It is the old joke of having too many minis and yet always wanting more. During COVID, other similar memes were going around talking about “what you did during lockdown” and posts talking about painting complete Warhammer 40k armies and other lofty goals. Like many, I also have way too many minis and keep buying more but I looked at this year and saw the bragging joke and thought “what if I could still say this on December 31?”

Preparatory Actions

This week hasn’t been an exciting week as I’ve been toiling with the starts of some projects that mainly include a lot of priming with the airbrush. I’ve really hit my stride with airbrush priming as my process is down to where it is easy and quick without the hassle of needing the weather or temperature to cooperate. The smells are also nicely cut down as well.

Gen Con Recap 2019: Day 1

Like every year, I think I’ll have time during the show to update things but that never happens. The convention is just too busy and entertaining to stop and post so as I settle back into to post-Con life, I get the energy to recapture the magic before too much of the memories fade. Because my photos are in order, it’s easiest to just go through things each day.

Adrenaline Preparation And A Long Awaited Arrival

The painting desk has been a little dry recently as I try to recharge my batteries. But I must press on as I have our annual CabinCon coming up and while I might not be doing as much prep as I usually do, it is an excuse to pull out something different to work on, namely the Adrenaline board game.

Gen Con 2018 Day 2

Gen Con 2018 Day two began a little later, thankfully and was tournament-free.  Up first was the Frostgrave Event with the designer, Joseph McCullough.

Gen Con 50 Recap Day 1

Thursday opened the Con with its typical crush of attendees all vying for position at the main entrances.

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