With some free time available this weekend, I was able to work up the details of all my outstanding Infinity figures. This includes my favorite models, the Su Jian.

So I didn’t actually go with the “tiger” scheme as planned. Looking over the model, I just wasn’t confident I could pull it off like I was imagining so I kept the color choice and just finished out the details. I decided to try out some armor-lining and found that I don’t have the patience to really pull it off well. It went well enough but up close it is pretty sloppy.

The combat form worked well but with the base work I did earlier, it came together quite easily. The break between the base work and detail likely lead me to have the energy to line the armor. Now on to the battle kitty…

One of the first things you’ll notice is the base and the weird sticks coming out of the ground. This sculpt just screams “action” to me and the kitty form is running at full tilt. I wanted to add something extra and decided I wanted it to be “under fire” as well.

I don’t know if it really worked but it did what I envisioned. The debris/smoke from the bullet hits was just greenstuff super-glued down and teased upwards while it was still pliable. The bullet “strafes” were rods from my dying hair brush. As I write that, that seems probably a little gross but that brush is an intrinsic part of me so now is one with the base. Kind of like I’m with the base and model and I rather like that.

You better run! This also works for a nice segue to the other models I finished up. The Kuang Shi runner above is part of a squad of brain-washed fodder pieces for the great Yu Jing good.

Pictured here with their mandatory overlord in the center, the Celestial Guard. He has their control device so it they get out of line, he can go all Amanda-Waller on them and blow them up, Suicide Squad-style.

I got a mispack (and already received my replacement) so I only have two more Celestial Guard up and ready, the multi-sniper and the hacker.

Next up is the Daoying Operative. This was a pretty easy model to work up with only a few details needed.

Then we have my second Hsien Warrior. I always loved this model’s pose more than the figure that came in the starter set. Having both might be overkill but I like have both options to field and really like this model.

And that’s it. Nine Infinity Models wrapped up over the weekend is a pretty big record for me (even if they weren’t all starting from scratch). I’m pretty wiped from it so I’ll take a painting breather and cleanse the hobby palate with something else for a little bit.