I’m not quite done with my photo for the week but I did have a quick Infinity night cap after our second Frostgrave session.

This mission added another figure, this time the heavy infantry comes into play and we add the lieutenant rules.

We setup according to the rules and the Haqq won initiative electing to choose who will go first. I chose to stay on the side I was on and the Haqq had me go first so he could counter-deploy.

I decided to focus on my new toy, the Terra-Cotta Soldier so I ran him up the building and down the catwalk to take cover behind the central upper building. I only had one order left so I ran one of my Zanshi up the building as well for support.

Even though this is the Haqqislam and Yu Jing starter, my friend only has his Nomads starter painted up so we’re doing a “counts as” for everything. So every time you see this power armor hunk of awesome, just imagine he’s actually a sword-wielding fast-running commando. The Haqq split up their orders to bring everyone else forward as well.

I can’t let this incursion stand so TC jumps out behind cover and unloads on the Haqq forward advance. I’m actually exposed to both the upper level soldier and the coward way in the back peeking out behind some little sushi kiosk. Both Haqq fail to damage due to TC’s nice armor but the Haqq up top takes the brunt of my fire and goes down hard.

TC jumps out from cover again and takes down the coward behind the kiosk then runs over and wipes out another Haqq soldier. He is earning his place in the Invincible Army.

The remaining Haqq soldier tries to jump out and full shotgun TC but fails to damage. My reaction fire whiffs and it’s back to me again.

There wasn’t any point to running away already being down 3 guys so the Haqq elects to bravely make his stand in the same corner where his friend just bit it. TC lights him up easily and takes the game. Basically soloing the whole experience. I don’t really see this as representing the real Infinity game so I’m not to worried about this odd imbalance of power. The next mission seems to have a bit more meat as it introduces camo and combat jumps. I think once we get out of this “kill em all” scenario scheme, the games will get a bit more interesting.