A couple of easy-ish models from Dropzone Commander completed this Wednesday. First up was the sister Shackleton Escape Pod.

I used the same color scheme (as that just made sense to me) and this time left it more intact.

Much like the last one, I want to keep it separate while still being useful in terrain if I want.  This one will also fit in some destroyed buildings but I also want to do a piece of scatter terrain in the form of a crater.  This will hopefully allow me to make the escape pod nose dive into terrain if I want.  That piece is still pending though.

In addition to the second escape pod, I also slapped some paint on the commander drill, “Bertha.”

I went with my typical “commander red” scheme where this one had the improbable full red treatment.  I assume they have some new futuristic paint that is scratch resistant while this things trundles through the earth.

It is a pretty big model so even though it is simple to paint up, it still takes a little while.  If the egress was a little wider, I think it could disgorge the little drill.  Now I want to see an even tinier drill that is just an Infantry transport and then maybe all of them can do the nesting dolls thing.  Bertha was the last of the big models (sort of) so now it is time to plow through some infantry sprues I have left over.