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Dropzone Commander: Shackleton Escape Pod

As I was building my first ruined building for Dropzone Commander, I was also looking to do something with the set of Shackleton Escape Pods I picked up.  Looking closer at the building wreckage, it looked like something pretty epic struck the side of the building but what could have collapsed that part of the building so completely?

what indeed…

Anyway, for building my Shackleton Escape Pod, there are some really great examples I can pull from around the net.  This one is pretty effective from Steve Perry Miniatures and great in its self-contained and no nonsense style.

Steve Perry Miniatures

Another example came from the model’s first release, revealed by the Natfka Blog. Not sure how anyone is getting out of those since they are sitting on the egress.

natfka blog

Though I never found the finished version, this aerial concept was quite interesting from forum user Nodri on Dakka Dakka.

dakka dakka user nodri

And my last bit of inspiration comes from Full Spectrum Dominance which I referenced before in my original post discussing the receipt of my Shackleton Escape Pods.

full spectrum dominance

So with a lot of different options, I decided to build on all of the above creativity and also make something else unique.  The answer to the obvious question of what could crash through that building so dramatically was nothing less than the escape pod, making a horrible miscalculation (though to be fair, I still don’t know how this thing doesn’t make a horrible crash landing- the engineers on this thing should be shot).

Still not sure how it lands. I have an idea on how it crashed into a building instead a softer piece of earth though.

Yeah, that is likely to cause some issues. Quick work with a sprue cutter did the first part of the clip then the rest of the resin failed admirably to break off in nice fashion.

I tested the model to make sure it would fit into the grand scheme of things.

Then it is on to some priming.

I’ve decided to keep the model wholly separate from the building so I can add and subtract as needed. I think I’ll make a separate and simple non-building crash landing base that the model can also sit in if I don’t want to add the building option to the mix.

And the finale. Adding both elements together really brings the whole concept home and I’m really happy it worked out. Chuffed even, as they might say.


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  1. Russ Spears


    I love how this all came together. Yet another great idea pulled off excellently!

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