I’ve been on a solid Dropzone Commander kick as I work through my unfinished collection.  This weekend, I went through and finished up a few more units on my list. First up was my set of Archangel Pathfinder jets.

These two were pretty easy as they only needed a Gun Metal priming and then some block coloring in my standard Resistance scheme emphasizing red accents.

My red stripe (yay beer!) gets a little reference on the tail of the fuselage.

After the blocking, it was a quick shot of Nuln Oil wash and they were complete.

After the Archangels were finished, I turned to the Apex.  The Apex is an event exclusive model from TTCombat that I picked up at Gen Con this past summer.  It has some interesting rules as it is a neutral unit that players take turns controlling depending on the current board state.  These “fauna” units have differing rules and effects but I’ll try out the Apex first before jumping into the other options.

I had a reference from the TTCombat site (through google cache as the images were taken down) but I didn’t like the Apex being as bright as they painted:

I like some of the otherworldly colors so I took that a little further.

I spent a little more time on this one.  I started with grey primer then block painted the mouth, tongue, and teeth.  Then I washed it all in Devlan Mud then dry brushed in a custom flesh color.

I did the secondary horns and spikes in a custom brown and the highlighted the green tongue with some bright, almost neon, green.  Lastly, I put the horns in a dark purple with lighter dry brushing.

With the Apex and Cortez Walker complete, I returned to this publicity art from TTCombat to recreate it a little bit in color.