With my 80’s Transformers fix out of the way for Dropzone, I turn to another fixture from my youth: He-Man.  I was trying to decide a color scheme for my Rakkon Krell command walker and thought maybe I could try out a little Battle Cat theme.  I really enjoyed painting up my Walking Dead All Out War tiger so hopefully this wouldn’t be too difficult.

For reference, I found a great product image of a premium sculpt from PCS Collectibles.

After finishing up the blocking paint of green and silver, I painted out the yellow stripes.  Yellow sucks and I used the crappiest yellow paints out there so it was a struggle to get the stripes to come out like I hoped.

After a quick wash and some rust, it masked the stripes a bit and helped them blend.  The missile pod back pack became the saddle of the original Battle Cat and goes well with my red accent theme.

For some sense of scale, I have the walker climbing through one of my ruined buildings.

The model also comes with an optional gun load out for the non-commander version.  I actually like this version better, model-wise.

I had a lot of fun with this model and even though the paint scheme will clash with all my ruined city maps, I’m ok with it as I pull in more child cartoon show references into my army.

Since you can field a couple of these, this won’t be the last time you see one of these hit my pages.  I’ll have to think of another theme though… Didn’t Skeletor ride some sort of cat?