The week is winding down but I have a few final things that were completed just under the wire. The first is one of my first attempts at scatter terrain.  I don’t do a lot of this as I usually buy a scenery piece and paint it up.  This time I wanted to have some bamboo-based terrain and that isn’t easy to outright buy so I had to make my own.

After doing some research, I grabbed some material and started at it.  I used a DVD and some floral (desert) foam to create the base.

I cut the foam down to size with a razor saw then I took 60 grit sand paper and started shaping it.  You’ll want to wear a mask and get outside as this creates quite to the mess.

Even though foam and aerosols are a bad combination, I sprayed a primer on the base just to get the foam to stay down.  After sanding it, the particles were still rubbing off so I figured a nice soaking would seal it in a bit better.

I kept the can 12″+ from the base to hopefully mitigate some of the chemical reaction that might take place.  Not sure if it helped but it did seal it all down.

To help bridge the gap between the foam and the DVD base, I put down PVA glue.

Then I dumped a bunch of sand on it.

After it dried, I was left with a decent bridge even if it wasn’t blending in too well. I then added some model train ballast to break up the texture.

Finally, I primed it again and then dry brushed dark and light grays into it to make it look more believable.

Lastly, I glued in the painted bamboo that I picked up months ago.  The bamboo went into the desert foam easily and the PVA glue should keep it relatively secure.

I wasn’t really convinced it “worked” until I got the bamboo in there but I’m pretty pleased with it.  I feel like my scatter terrain needs a bit more work as it has a bit of a learning curve.  I’m still deciding whether to continue with this time consuming method or simply things way down and just add sand to another DVD base and then go straight to gluing in bamboo (skipping the desert foam contouring).

Damn Ninjas!

Luckily, another Samurai has joined the fray.  This is the other unarmored Samurai who was a bonus figure for picking up one of the Warlord bundles.  I picked him up through eBay.

I liked the color scheme I saw on the Polish blog, Kostka Domina.  I converted it to grayscale and worked up that way.

Since I had the “good camera” out, I decided to take some pics of my previous Samurai as well.

And I couldn’t resist a little final display of the Test of Honour.  Thanks for joining me on this focused week!